10 Ways to Make Yourself Happy

Got the blues? Feeling down? Stressed? In life we are constantly advised to GO, GO, GO and achieve goals! This can takes its toll-we need to sometimes ‘smell the roses’ or do something little for ourselves to keep our happiness in check!

1. Grab a takeaway coffee and sit at your favourite spot at a nearby park!

Image by: Sarah Fraser63

Image by: Sarah Fraser63

2.Have dessert for dinner! Remember dessert is spelt

Image by Wonderland

Image by Wonderlane

3. Stretch while listening to wonderful music. Go onto youtube and listen to Tibetan Bells, Rainforest Sounds, Indian Yoga Music, Heavy Metal! Whatever floats your boat!

Photo by: Earl McGehee

Image by: Earl McGehee

4.Catch up on sleep. But don’t overdo it! It is common when your feeling down to want to sleep all of the time!

5.Do something ‘touristy’ in your city! Don’t forget to take photographs!

Image by: Paolo Dala

Image by: Paolo Dala

6. My favourite tip: MOVE YOUR BODY and release some endorphins! How? Buy some passes to a nearby dance class! Go for a big walk! Go rock climbing!

Zumba style


Image by: JBLM MWR

Go Climb!

Image by: Sacha Chua

Image by: Sacha Chua

Go Walking!

Image by: Girish Gopi

Image by: Girish Gopi

 7. Celebrate your favourite holiday regardless of what time of the year it is. Hello Christmas in July!


Image by: nicanicasather

8. Watch your favourite movie or tv series. ‘Sex and the City’ anyone?

Image by Matthew Hurst

Image by Matthew Hurst

9. Call someone you dearly love and haven’t spoken to in a while.

Image by: Billy Brown

Image by: Billy Brown

10. Boring but effective step: sort out your life out-clean out the cobwebs from your closet, see the doctor, address your financial! Do this then follow steps 1-9


1.Indulge a little but not too much! Enjoy online shopping, buy your favourite chocolate, or get a message – just keep it in moderation!

2.Do stay away from negative people, drugs and alcohol.

3.Confide in people who you can trust to comfort you!



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