MID WEEK MODEL OF THE MOMENT: 5 reasons we LOVE Jean Schenk!

This curvy beauty was the face of Women’s Running infamous August cover that was a breakthrough for #curvyhealthy women. The Pepperdine University student has beauty, brains and balls.


#1 She is not afraid of curves

“This cover proves anyone can run. Don’t be afraid to be curvy and do what you love. You are not alone.”


#2 She is open about body love struggles-#imperfect

“At first it(magazine cover shoot) made me a bit uncomfortable but then I had to realize I can’t help other women accept who they are without doing the same for myself” she says!


#3 She is inspirational! Many #curvyhealthy bloggers were inspired by the cover


#4 She understands the power of social media

“To be on Instagram all you need is an electronic device. To get followers all you need to be is engaging. Now you don’t need to be a size 2 and 6 feet tall for people to notice you. World fashion icons no longer need to be on magazines. They come in all types and platforms.”


#5 She has fun when hitting up a sweat

“I’m originally from California. My favorite workouts are barefoot running on the beach, swimming, or sand volleyball. I also love to hike. Whenever I would visit my Aunt Kristy we would always take these glorious hikes in Malibu Canyon.”

Lets hope this milestone cover is not a one-off for Women’s Running. Lets make fashion and fitness EQUAL rather than more inclusive! Perhaps one day a curvy women being on the cover of fitness media will be the norm and not cause a social media storm!


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