How to feel confident when killing it at the gym!

We believe that feeling confident and enjoying exercise is key to long-term fitness! The gym can be a bit scary for some and so we have created a guide to help you keep calm and carry on going to the gym! Holistic Hub Apparel was created with the purpose of helping women feel fabulous and confident when exercising regardless of their shape. We all all diverse and have the right to feel comfortable – especially when exercising!


  1. Choose a gym with a friendly vibe! If you are not treated like a queen then leave immediately and join a better gym.
  1. Choose a gym where you feel comfortable. For instance, some gyms have female-only weight rooms which helps some feel more comfortable!
  1. Find a workout buddy or join a group fitness class! I helped myself feel more comfortable with weights room by attending group fitness classes! They’re great for working out with others in a safe environment!
  1. Buy some gorgeous active apparel that makes you feel gorgeous and confident! Don’t wait to lose the pounds-life is short and you need to bring sexy back today not tomorrow!
  1. Create a sustainable routine. Pain does not equal necessarily most gain . This is because you are more likely to quit than if you progress at a more comfortable pace and truly achieve your goals.
  1. Don’t expect too much. The fittest people I know allow their body to slowly adjust.
  1. Have fun! Go zumba-ing or boxing and try to find a gym with fun factor that engages you.
  1. Don’t know where to begin? Perhaps meet up with a local personal trainer in your home or outside gym to create a workout plan before your hit up the gym itself!

Financial tip: try to find a gym with flexible membership fees, carefully consider contracts and watch your credit card! Many gym goers have issues with continuing credit payments after they have left gym.


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